Reusable Heat Pad and Cold Compress


A versatile, reusable heat pad and cold compress in one. The moldable soft gel in the pack conducts both heat and cold and can be warmed and cooled very easily. 

What are Hot and Cold Packs?

Our hot and cold pack can be used as an ice pack/cold compress during the early stages following injury to help minimize pain, bleeding and tissue swelling.  Then as a heat pad later to help the healing process by increasing blood flow and promoting relaxation.

The Hot and Cold Pack is perfect for joint pain, tennis elbow treatment, arthritis and sports injuries including rugby, football, tennis and more.

This is the same high quality pack we supply direct to the NHS.

How to use?

This high quality reusable gel pack can either be heated in hot water or the microwave, or placed in the freezer to produce a constant release of hot or cold temperature.

Key Benefits of Heat Pad - Temporary pain relief of muscle aches, back pain, sinusitis, joint pain and sports injuries

Key Benefits of Cold Compress - Reduce swelling, toothache, pain relief at early stages of sprains, strains and bruises.


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